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International Year of the Forests

2011 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Forests. This is because forests play a critical role in protecting the health of our planet, says Danna Smith, executive director of the Dogwood Alliance, a nonprofit that works to protect the country’s southern forests. Wrote Smith in a recent editorial: “From supporting biodiversity to renewing and filtering water supplies, preventing floods, and removing carbon from the atmosphere, forests are essential for life on earth. Yet, despite their immense value, forest destruction is accelerating and today accounts for 20 percent of global carbon emissions. That's more carbon than is released from all the cars on the road. Smith cites a recent report from proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finding that the U.S. leads the world in percentage of forest cover loss, attributing much of that loss to industrial logging in the South, where 2 percent of the world's forests produce about 20% of the world's wood and paper products. Read more [...]

HERE ON EARTH: Galapagos and Everglades

Animal DiversityCOMPARING EARTH'S ECO SYSTEM TO THE ECO SYSTEM OF AN AQUARIUM the planted aquarium thrives on perfect balance of it's own ecological system just like nature. Most beautiful tanks shows harmony of life that balances everything. Shifts in the balance will show on your tank, calling for proper attention and measures to be taken. Excessive algae, plant meltdowns, sudden deaths of fishes or shrimps, plants discoloring, lack of plant photosynthesis all points to shift of this balance. It doesn't take rocket science to remedy them, just some care and right advice from your local planted tank specialist.

In my opinion, the planted aquarium is the best classroom for conservation and ... Read more [...]

Saving biodiversity

GreenDustries is not just another packaging company. While all packaging companies’ business models are business to business enterprises, GreenDustries is the first business to consumer endeavor in the industry. We are all about you the consumer. Read more [...]

Step onto the biodiversity platform

Biological + Diversity = BIOdiversity GreenDustries is not just about developing innovative packaging for the consumers but about reaching out to embrace the plethora of environmental issues that affect us now and will affect us in the future. Read more [...]