Packaging Changes: From Main Stream to Waste Stream

Sustainability has been a major focal point in packaging, evolving into a mainstream commitment in 2010. According to a study by industry research firm Freedonia Group demand for green packaging, defined as material comprised of recycled content that is biodegradable or reusable, will increase 3.4 percent annually to $43.9 billion by 2013. In fact, green packaging growth is anticipated to outpace overall packaging. That’s a simple fact that has abundant implications – it means that consumers are more and more aware of the impact of their actions – and the actions and products of the companies they buy from.

This is good news for GreenDustries, which has brought two innovative products to market that are both revolutionary in design and 100 percent green. Our Magic Bag and PleatPak products were made for today’s consumer, who’s much savvier when it comes to the environmental and social impact of the manufacturing process, and much more aware of the entire life cycle of a company’s products, from the point at which they’re created to their impact into the waste stream.

Understanding the value of what we bring to market can help a company reduce their carbon footprint and space in the landfill.

Consider: A recent poll by Global Market Insights showed that Americans cited damaging the environment as the main reason they’d consider a company socially irresponsible.

So when planning your long term goals, think of how quickly environmental sustainability has emerged as a driving force in any company’s marketing plan. No longer a practice of a few obscure firms, green product design and business practices have come into the main stream.

And that has a direct impact on the waste stream. When both streams converge they create a vital connection and bring a workable solution to the problems caused by easily disposable food service packaging containers. If you can link in to the sustainable mindset you’ve got more of a chance to win customers and keep them.

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