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Comparing earth’s eco system to the eco system of an aquarium

Comparing earth's eco system to the eco system of an aquarium. The planted aquarium thrives on perfect balance of it's own ecological system just like nature. Most beautiful tanks shows harmony of life that balances everything. Shifts in the balance will show on your tank, calling for proper attention and measures to be taken. Excessive algae, plant meltdowns, sudden deaths of fishes or shrimps, plants discoloring, lack of plant photosynthesis all points to shift of this balance. It doesn't take rocket science to remedy them, just some care and right advice from your local planted tank specialist. In my opinion, the planted aquarium is the best classroom for conservation and sustainable environment for our planet. Nature is elaborately comprehensive and perfect in it's creation. We are still learning things from nature and how it holds the answer and solution to many of life's problem; planted aquarium included. Read more [...]