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Save the Arctic and Its Wildlife.

The impacts of climate change are unfolding far more rapidly and intensely in the Arctic than any other area of the planet. Soaring temperatures, rapidly melting ice and snow, rising sea levels and acidifying oceans are threatening the Arctic ecosystem, and it’s not just the polar bear that is in peril. Climate change is affecting Arctic wildlife from great whales to tiny plankton, and threatens to unravel the entire Ecosystem. This report chronicles the most profound climatic changes in the Arctic and the impacts those changes are already having on wildlife, and concludes with a roadmap of actions needed to protect the Arctic, as we know it. Because the Arctic is the earth’s early warning system, we must protect it from climate change to preserve the rest of the planet as well. Thinking of environmental threats and ways in which all of us need to concentrate more on our ecology and less on those man made things that distract our lives daily, GreenDustries has become very aware of the plight of animals across the globe. Read more [...]

Humans Change the World ! Ice Melting and Oceans Rising! Is it True?

Hey! Ice Melting and Oceans Rising! Is it True? This is GreenDustries’ fourth blog following our blog titled “Humans Change the World!” and is part of the series of the same name that started with that post. With the posting form serious Scientific Sources such as NASA and others to substantiate our articles we are bringing you a new aspect of "How Humans are Changing the World". Today we will approach the "melting ice's poles": the cause and effects... Read more [...]