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Where do fossil fuels come from?

With fossil fuels - their costs and their toll on the environment - controlling our lives, GreenDustries thought it would behoove us to take a look at the major forms of fossil fuels and where they come from and the delicate balance of nature that falls in between.

There are three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. All three were formed many hundreds of millions of years ago before the time of the dinosaurs – hence the name fossil fuels, according to the website Read more [...]

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy was a boon to the development of towns and industries decades ago but now, it seems, with cleaner, alternative energies waiting in the wings to take control, nuclear power plants are looking more like dinosaurs lost in a landscape in which they can't survive. Read more [...]

The melting glacier problem

GreenDustries understood before any one the need for environmentally responsible products to deliver and allow food to be eaten in an enjoyable, clean, practical, eco friendly manner. Consumers are feeling good that they are contributing to a cleaner planet while eating their favorite foods in a fun clean way. GreenDustries packaging provide a new and pleasant consumption experience. A BNA blog posted in December discussed a report released by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) urging countries to increase efforts to combat climate change and cited the rate at which glaciers are melting as the most critical piece of evidence so far to back up its position. UNEP, according to the blog post, said that the different rates of glacial melting, and the fact that some areas are experiencing small expansion of glaciers, underscores the multiple factors at work in determining the rate at which glaciers melt. Read more [...]

Why not to get your fuel energy someplace else?

If you think it’s good to use trees for fuel, think again. Recently Dogwood Alliance released a paper, “Don’t Log the Forests for the Fuel” which exposed the false environmental and economic benefits of tree-based biofuels. Read more [...]