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GreenDustries and the power of Green Energy Integration.

Tim Sutherland is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Pace Global Energy Services, LLC (“Pace Global”), a leading global energy consulting and management firm with extensive client relationships throughout the energy, industrial and financial communities. The company, formed in 1976, is an internationally-recognized provider of advisory services, project evaluation, strategic planning, market assessments, and risk management services. Read more [...]

GreenDustries the Environment and the Economy.

Going Green is no longer synonymous to ‘tree hugging’, it is a critical factor in the world’s economy. It is the gateway to get out of the linear economy, based on fast cash and who cares about tomorrow? Today’s green business is the key to the other green, cash. By adopting a circular economy we optimize dwindling, and convert pollution and expensive raw materials from waste to gold. Read more [...]

Packaging Changes: From Main Stream to Waste Stream

Sustainability has been a major focal point in packaging, evolving into a mainstream commitment in 2010. Read more [...]

Changing Attitudes about Fast Food Packaging

According to the Foodservice Packaging Institute one of the bigger trends affecting the food service industry is “green” packaging. Read more [...]

It Pays to Save the Environment with Green Packaging

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Fact: Seven percent of consumers won’t buy from a store that doesn’t offer green packaging. Read more [...]